Bathroom Samples


Bathrooms are different things to different people; some of our clients see this room as an entirely functional space, to be glimpsed in a dash at either end of the day.

To others it is their special, most intimate space where hours can be spent lost in relaxed indulgence.

Whatever the bathroom means to you, we can help you create the most appropriate room for your own personal expectations and requirements.

In the past our bathrooms have been everything from featureless, clinical and perfectly practical spaces, to intricately sub-divided areas with every detail created with the most aesthetically pleasing consideration, including hand-painted murals commissioned from talented artists and specially sourced interior effects to compliment the space.

Whatever your expectation from your bathroom, certain elements are universal. You want excellent hot water delivery, regardless of the shower or tap. You want a floor that isn't uncomfortably cold to walk over, a mirror that you can still see your reflection in without having to wipe it over, ventilation that keeps the air clear without being heard throughout the house and somewhere to put away the things that don't need to be seen.

Whether it is a clinically understated white room, an ultra modern blend of conceptual shapes and materials, or an

Arabian-inspired personal oasis, we can bring it out of the imagination and into your home. Ask us about our bathroom design procedures and together, we'll create the right room for you.

"Thank you and the team for a good job, well done. Just having it finished on time was appreciated
but the attention to detail has been terribly impressive"… Mr F Collins, Hampshire

We at CFBD enjoy a good natter about the weather as much as anybody; its an identifiably English thing and helps other less boring nationalities spot us from a safe distance.

This week however has been particularly character building in terms of how we are all affected by different weather.