Frequently Asked Questions

How much?

Every job is unique and they all vary in size and desired specification. We know that our in-house quantity surveying team are invariably competitive but we will not compromise on our own standards of finish. If you are looking for a quick 'splash and dash' job, you might prefer to use another company. We at CFBD Ltd have carried out projects to a value of £1.5m but will undertake most works. As we have a retinue of tradesmen, plant and machinery, vehicles and our own joinery premise, it wouldn't normally prove profitable for us to undertake works of a value less than £60k other than our landscaping projects.

Why do building works often seem to run over time and budget?

Buildings often present challenges and make unexpected demands of a project. That said, we at CFBD Ltd always work with an industry recognised JCT works contract. This entitles our clients to 'liquidated damages', of up to £2000 per week for any weeks that run over the contractually agreed build time. Any delays or additional works that are requested or prove absolutely necessary are agreed before they are implemented and a 'Variation Order', signed by the client, must be obtained before we carry out any works that are not specified at the on-set.

What do I need to do for the project?

As little or as much as you like. We can take your idea from an initial conversation through to a drawn design, submitted planning application and fully built and finished project. We have excellent relationships with architects, structural engineers and interior designers and will co-ordinate all these with our own specialist build team. Or we can let you manage your own project and just build, or anywhere in between.

When can you start?

A project needs designing and requires planning permission will be at least 10 weeks from initial contact and often more, if you have plans and permission/lawful development in place, we generally have the man-power to make a start within a few weeks of being approached.

We are not going to be living in the property. How will we be updated?

You will receive an e-mail every other day to inform you of what we have been doing. We can also provide you with a secur log-in account with the web based Flickr photo album website, that is updated regularly with progress photos from your project.

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