Oak Frame Samples

oak frames

An oak framed timber building is still, in many peoples view, the most attractive type of construction one can look upon. Certainly, the beauty and strength of natural oak makes for a distinguished construction, whether it is an oak framed garage or whole house.

Many of our most beautiful villages owe their charm to this wonderful tradition of building.

Here at CFBD we combine handed-down methods with modern engineering techniques to create unique buildings – contemporary living spaces which are traditional at heart.

We employ a team of craftsmen, who have many years of experience working in oak. All our oak frames are pre-assembled at our workshop, with all joints being cut and perfectly fitted, ready for assembly on site and we pay close attention to detail to ensure that everything is just right.

A stable, garage block, log store or combinations of them all to create a stunning courtyard are all within your reach and we aim to make the design process as enjoyable as possible for all our clients.

There is a strong possibility that your oak framed outbuilding will require planning; again, we can help. We will either put together your entire submission or simply help where help is required, its up to you.

We source all our oak from closely monitored and sustainably managed regions of France and keep an ever watchful eye on our supplying timber mills, ensuring that the environment has been considered before we order a single cut to be made on our behalf.

If you love oak framed buildings, lets talk…

"I have to thank you for all you hard work and commitment to the project"… Dr Ayoubi, Harley St

We at CFBD enjoy a good natter about the weather as much as anybody; its an identifiably English thing and helps other less boring nationalities spot us from a safe distance.

This week however has been particularly character building in terms of how we are all affected by different weather.