new builds

Since its formation, CFBD has established a hard-earned reputation for building expertly crafted, prestigious homes with a focus on build quality and prestigious finishing. By being ever present throughout the...

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With a long history of building extensions to a vast array of property types, CFBD's expertise in this field is widely known. Successful project management ensures that a family can continue to use their home...

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basement conversions

The addition of a basement to a property can completely transform how a family uses a home. That additional space, potentially under your feet right now, can contain a kitchen, additional en-suite bedroom...

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Property refurbishment is the single most misunderstood and sadly disrespected aspect of building in our industry today. Whilst having the potential to hugely increase a property's sale-ability or transform it into...

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There is of course no singularly 'perfect' kitchen; in most homes it is still the beating heart of the home, the room where so much of our interaction with each other takes place and where the timeless act of preparing the day's meal...

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Bathrooms are different things to different people; some of our clients see this room as an entirely functional space, to be glimpsed in a dash at either end of the day. To others it is their special, most intimate space...

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oak frames

An oak framed timber building is still, in many peoples view, the most attractive type of construction one can look upon. Certainly, the beauty and strength of natural oak makes for a distinguished...

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We offer full loft conversions. The contents of this page are coming soon




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"I have to thank you for all you hard work and commitment to the project"… Dr Ayoubi, Harley St

We at CFBD enjoy a good natter about the weather as much as anybody; its an identifiably English thing and helps other less boring nationalities spot us from a safe distance.

This week however has been particularly character building in terms of how we are all affected by different weather.