A large and daunting job, carried out on time and within our original budget. We are delighted... Mrs H Breeding, London

We delayed a long time before picking our builders and we can confidently saywe chose correctly... Mr A Wood, Hants

Thank you for your patience during our testing project. It must come as a great consolation to see how wonderful the house looks after your company's efforts... Mr M White, Wilts

"An excellent job all around, the guys have been quiet, polite and always ready to work with my changing ideas!" Ms K Wick, Hammersmith

"We were recommended to go with CFBD by friends. Now that our lovely basement is finished, we will be recommending you to others. We are very happy…" Mrs S Brown, Kensington

"Thank you and the team for a good job, well done. Just having it finished on time was appreciated but the attention to detail has been terribly impressive"….Mr F Collins, Hampshire

"We are now returned from Australia, pleased to return to a shining "new" building! Delighted…….Mr Bower, Westbourne Terrace "I have to thank you for all you hard work and commitment to the project" …….Dr Ayoubi, Harley St

We at CFBD enjoy a good natter about the weather as much as anybody; its an identifiably English thing and helps other less boring nationalities spot us from a safe distance.

This week however has been particularly character building in terms of how we are all affected by different weather.